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Our Success Stories

  • The services I received at Aureus are really well worth the time and money put in. My consultant was extremely friendly and helpful from the start, and I could tell she truly wanted me to achieve my goals. I felt encouraged and supported throughout the entire application process. Without all the guidance I received, I would probably have drowned in the sea of university and applications jargon, and given up on writing anything more than a barely acceptable essay to each school. A lot of energy was saved, as the people at Aureus truly are here to help, and I have learnt so much from the whole process that I am even able to give certain tips to my friends during their applications as well. Aureus is very genuine in helping young people like myself, and I have to say, they do a really great job.

    Stevie Chua, Yale-NUS with PSC scholarship, Class of 2018

  • As an Indonesian living in the small town of Semarang, I had no idea about US College Application Process. Luckily, I had my Aureus counselor beside me. She guided me through each step one by one, from college selection, SAT/ACT tests, essays, until the interviews. With her brainstorming, I could reveal my hidden talents and exhibited them in the essays, making my application look as holistic as possible. I could produce the best essays I have ever written. And more, I could achieve the almost impossible dream: getting into an ivy league school!

    Lorraine Sophia Salim, Brown University Undergraduate, Class of 2017

  • It was a wonderful journey working with my consultant. The whole consulting process helped me in not only getting an offer from my target school, but building my personal brand, communication skills and confidence, which you appreciate for life. The Aureus consultants will literally "unlock your potential"!

    Maresuke Nagatoshi, UCLA-NUS Executive MBA, Class of 2016

  • I have been given an interview opportunity within 20 days, after my application. And been confirmed acceptance to school's 2014-2015 program the very next day after the interview.

    I thank the assistance given from Aureus consulting for that. They guided me through the application process and I managed to finish what usually needed 4-6 month's procedure within 1 month's time.

    Aureus helped me understand my strengths and guided me with the best approach toward the application. Together with the coaching on essay, reference letter and interview made my experience a pleasant and successful one.

    Simon, Nanyang MBA, Class of 2016

  • The university consultation services I received from Aureus has provided me with excellent insight into the chaotic application process, allowing me to place my best foot forward and leverage my relevant work and academic experience. After multiple consultation sessions with my admissions consultant, I developed a clearer picture of how to express myself in order to be a better fit for the colleges I was applying to.

    To make the experience even better, my admissions consultant was always friendly, forthcoming and patient in advising me throughout the application process and this helped me to create fantastic statements of purpose that are both personal and well-written.

    Sarah Tei, Columbia University Master's of Education, Class of 2014

  • I really can't express more gratitude for all of your help and guidance all these weeks. I must say I really appreciate your advice and feel so lucky to have you as my consultant. The experience during your consulting sessions was really priceless - I really benefited a lot - and most importantly, we had fun throughout the processes, didn't we?

    P.S. I have also a message here for all of you who are seeking the 'real-deal' tiptop consulting service in the town: LOOK NOWHERE ELSE. Aureus should be on the top of your list.

    Wee Tat Ler, Nu-Con Systems


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Placed clients in over 150 prestigious universities worldwide

Higher Education Specialities: Medicine, Business, Law; Engineering & Humanities

Career Specialities: Job Search, Career Management & Career Transition


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