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If you are a student looking to gain work experience through internships, you might be concerned that the experience will add to an ever-growing list of intern horror stories. However, there are various ways to ensure that you get a truly rewarding internship experience and nip any potential problems in the bud. Follow the pointers below and you'll be sure to survive and thrive in your summer internships. At the very least, you'll not have to run to Starbucks so often that the baristas know you by name.

Top 5 Places in the World to Complete Your STEM Degree
10 Jun 2015
By: Amos Fong
04 May 2015
By: Laura Schwartz
01 Apr 2015
By: Laura Schwartz
12 Feb 2015
By: Laura Schwartz
Supplemental Essays: The Good and the Bad
28 Sep 2014
By: Laura Schwartz


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