I scored a PERFECT score of 800 for SAT Physics. ICON+ was my pillar of support and helped me excel!

Matthew Neo Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

The ICON+ GMAT program helped me to achieve the perfect GMAT score needed for my MBA program!

Scott McDaniel USA
Satisfied GMAT Client!

Having achieved an SAT score of 2330, I can confidently say that my experience at ICON+ was an enriching one!

Ong Liang Kun Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!

ICON+ was very flexible in creating a customized schedule that worked best for my busy routine. I was in the right hands from the very beginning!

Olena Sukhina Ukraine
Satisfied GMAT Client!

If I had studied myself, I would have gotten maximum 7; but, with the ICON+ IELTS course, I got an 8! It was definitely money well spent!

Khai Hsing Malaysia
Satisfied IELTS Client!

The study resources are good, eGuru is helpful, the teacher is very encouraging and the customer service personnel are nice.

Rakendu R.S. India
Satisfied TOEFL Client!

I would say that I had a very fulfilling and memorable experience at ICON+. I aced the SAT - scored 2240 on my first attempt!!

Benjamin Ho Singapore
Satisfied SAT Client!