Academic English

Course Description

ICON+'s Academic English program is divided into 5 levels: Basic, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Each level comprises of 16 hours of instruction (8 lessons x 2 hours each).

Mastering the subject material in this program allows you to use English more fluently when communicating with other English speakers, when using English at a job, and when using English in a university environment.


Academic English


Course Objectives


Basic Level: You will form simple sentences with no difficulty.

  • Master parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives), connectors, simple tenses and articles
  • Learning is reinforced through writing and speaking activities
  • Achieve basic vocabulary

Lower Intermediate Level: You will form simple compound sentences with no difficulty.

  • Master countable vs. non countable nouns, basic punctuation and irregular verbs
  • Take note of common spelling errors
  • Write short notes/emails/letters
  • Develop effective reading and writing habits
  • Achieve lower intermediate vocabulary

Intermediate Level: You will produce linked sentences in paragraphs and write coherent compositions relating to personal or familiar experiences.

  • Master dependent and independent clauses, perfect tenses, active/passive voice, prepositions and phrasal verbs
  • Scan reading passages quickly to find information and interpret the overall meaning
  • Overcome grammar errors relating to subject-verb agreement
  • Overcome style errors relating to structure and logic
  • Achieve intermediate level of vocabulary

Upper Intermediate Level: You will competently write about issues addressed in academic/business settings.

  • Master complex and compound sentences, conditionals and comparatives
  • Overcome grammar errors relating to modifiers, tenses and punctuation
  • Read a variety of academic reading passages in which you answer specific and general questions relating to main idea, author’s opinion, vocabulary, line reference etc.
  • Achieve upper intermediate level of vocabulary

Advanced Level: You will develop your ideas fully and convincingly in academic/business settings.

  • Overcome phrasing errors relating to idioms, redundancy, comparison, run-ons and parallelism
  • Read critically by recognizing the meaning that is implied
  • Achieve advanced level of vocabulary


Require Assistance?

Students who have considered the Grammar, Reading & Writing Course have also considered the Conversational English Course and Business English Course. If you are applying to universities in the US, UK or Australia, we offer application help too.

If you are still unsure and require assistance in identifying the best English course for your needs, be it joining a class, having a personal tutor or studying on your own, our programs specialists will be happy to help! Call 63366551 / 63366558 or email


About ICON+

ICON+ is Singapore's leading English Language specialist. Our proven performance is also acknowledged by leading educational institutions and companies: SMU and NTU has appointed ICON+ as its official prep centre.

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