Business English

Business English


There is only one standard level for ICON+'s Business English program.

Mastering the subject material in this program allows you to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural business environment.  


Course Objectives:

There will be a balance of theory with practice and students can expect to communicate well in the following business scenarios: negotiating, reaching agreement, conducting effective and successful meetings, networking, handling difficult situations, considering options, starting & structuring a presentation.

Special emphasis will be put on marketing collocations, words that go with brand, product and market, idioms for talking about business relationships, and words and expressions for talking about finance.

Additionally the importance of understanding the local culture while doing business in foreign markets and dealing with a mixed cultural workforce while working in international teams will be brought to students’ attention.


Require Assistance?

Students who have considered the Business English Course have also considered the Conversational English Course and Academic English Course. If you are applying to universities in the US, UK or Australia, we offer application help too.

If you are still unsure and require assistance in identifying the best English course for your needs, be it joining a class, having a personal tutor or studying on your own, our programs specialists will be happy to help! Call 63366551 / 63366558 or email


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