Conversational English & Pronunciation

Conversational English
and Pronounciation


Course Description

When you use English in a conversational, business or academic setting, you will have to listen to what the speaker is saying and respond effectively. Being able to fully comprehend spoken English and give your opinion can affect your success in these settings. Therefore, this program will improve your communication skills with your friends, colleagues or professors.


ICON+'s Conversational English program is divided into 5 levels: Basic, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Each level comprises of 16 hours of instruction (8 lessons x 2 hours each) and follows a progressive curriculum.


Upon the completion of the Intermediate level, you will have sufficient skills to interact confidently in social settings (casual meetings with friends, dinner parties etc.). The completion of the Advanced level would enable you to communicate effectively in schools/universities (participating class discussions, giving a presentation etc.)


To Communicate
in Social Settings
To Communicate in Academic Settings
BasicPre-IntermediateIntermediateUpper IntermediateAdvanced



Course Objectives

Basic Level

  • Appropriate greetings
  • Asking for and giving personal information
  • Confirming information
  • Describing people and products
  • Making small talk
  • Discussing and making complaints
  • Giving opinions
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Giving advice
  • Using the imperative, present and past tense
  • Listening for and using stressed words
  • Using reductions

Pre-Intermediate Level

  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Making and answering requests
  • Ordering and refusing food politely
  • Apologizing
  • Expressing, agreeing with, & disagreeing with opinions
  • Giving and accepting compliments
  • Giving and understanding instructions
  • Asking and giving directions
  • Leaving and giving messages
  • Identifying and practicing stressed words
  • Using appropriate intonation

Intermediate Level

  • Expressing interest and surprise
  • Making, accepting and refusing invitations
  • Expressing frustration
  • Interrupting and contradicting politely
  • Expressing approval and disapproval
  • Asking for, giving and refusing advice
  • Asking for help and favors
  • Apologizing and reconciling
  • Identifying & practicing reduced pronunciation
  • Identifying intonation patterns
  • Using correct stress in compound phrases
Upper Intermediate Level
  • Using appropriate expressions to request and offer clarification in formal and informal situations
  • Sharing ideas: brainstorming and collaborating
  • Presenting your views or your group's on a controversial topic
  • Supporting or challenging views
  • Debating
  • Making and paraphrasing generalizations
  • Using signal words
  • Speculating about behavior
  • Paraphrasing issues/problems
Advanced Level
  • Recollecting
  • Expressing congratulations and condolences
  • Giving presentations
  • Debating
  • Surveying and interviewing
  • Using formal and informal expressions to admit a lack of knowledge
  • Expressing doubt or disbelief in formal and informal situations
  • Discussing when and how to acquiesce or express reservations


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Students who have considered the Conversational English Course have also considered the Academic English Course and Business English Course. If you are applying to universities in the US, UK or Australia, we offer application help too.

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