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ICON+ is Singapore's leading test preparation and admissions consulting specialist. Our test preparation courses include:

  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • SAT Subject Test
  • ACT
  • SSAT
  • BMAT
  • ISAT
  • UMAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • MCAT
  • LSAT
  • LNAT

Why ICON+ for Test Preparation 



Established in 1999, ICON+ has an unsurpassed track record. Over 85% of our test prep students score higher than the worldwide average and 100% of those who utilized our university admissions services gain entry to top schools like Harvard, MIT, NYU, Cambridge and INSEAD. Our proven performance is also acknowledged by leading institutional partners such as NUS, NTU and SMU.



Unlike other companies, ICON+ invests all its resources towards your success. ICON+ clients have access to the largest pool of resources in the market: a strong team of full-time test prep specialists and admissions counselors, proven curriculum, proprietary e-learning systems, multi-media facilities and a full spectrum of post-prep services. You know that you will be backed up, no matter what.


Results-oriented Curriculum

You want to be assured that the materials presented to you are pedagogically sound, well-structured and relevant. Alarm bells should ring if a school doesn't have its own comprehensive learning materials and simply uses off-the-shelf products. Our learning systems are registered with the Ministry of Education and have been used by over 20,000 students.

Our diverse course offerings, specially designed to address all learning needs:


Course Type













Recommend For Learners Who Prefer

Systematic approach with proven results

Most popular with 1st time test-takers!

 Complete autonomy

For independent learners

 Intense coaching in a specific area

 Varied learning environments

Most popular with repeat test-takers!

 Full customization

For learners with unpredictable, busy schedules

Full customization

 For learners who attained 80-85th percentile and aspire to achieve ~95th percentile

Training Schedule Fixed Flexi Fixed Semi-Flexi FlexiFlexi
Instruction Format Group Group Group Group + Individual IndividualIndividual


Highly Trained & Effective Teachers

At ICON+, we are committed to creating an international, diverse environment that is vibrant and creative, and our teachers reflect that! All ICON+ test prep specialists are:

  • Certified full-time trainers
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable in the latest testing trends and strategies
  • Achieved minimum 95th percentile in the test(s) that they are teaching
  • Graduates of prestigious universities
  • Proven track record of producing high-scoring students


Quality Guarantee

Your success is our top priority. We are confident that our quality services will deliver results and we guarantee it. If you have signed up for an ICON+ course and do not see a significant improvement, you can study with us again at no charge.