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A Unique CSR Initiative

December is the season of sharing at ICON+.

This year, we want to involve the ICON+ community: corporate partners, students and staff in our charity drive, by distributing Giving Trees worth S$10 each. 

Over 60 students and corporate partners have participated in this unique and meaningful initiative. Not surprising, most prefer to share their Giving Tree with more than one NGO.

After counting all votes cast, we have the following figures: MINDS - S$247; The Red Cross - S$190; SPC - S$223, resulting in a grand total of S$660! ICON+ will be making these contributions towards the respective charities in January 2014. 

Updated Jan 2014



We at ICON+ believe that creativity and expression are truly important for the development of every learner. Therefore, our most recent social responsibility project includes arts and crafts sessions for the students of Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) Smiles.

Our lessons have included painting, drawing, jewelry making, clay molding and a whole host of fun and interactive arts and crafts. We made a conscious effort to include activities for a range of disabilities - autism, downs syndrome and automotive disabilities so that every participant could enjoy the pleasure of creating exciting pieces of art!

Our five volunteers every month discover new styles of teaching, communication and interaction, an experience we have found incredibly rewarding. So far, this social outreach program at AWWA has been a great success as both the students and the volunteers always leave with beaming smiles!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within the Asian Women’s Welfare Association or other charities, please visit

Asian Womens Welfare Association

Asian Womens Welfare Association

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ICON+ Social ResponsibilityOver the years, we have been very fortunate to receive firm support from our clients and corporate partners, without whom we would not have the success we have today. Because we have received so much, we felt that it’s only right that we pay it forward.

As experienced educators, we naturally gravitate towards opportunities that would allow us to contribute towards the development of children and youths. Eventually, we chose to get involved in a mentorship program that is offered by the Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre, which reaches out to children and youths from financially disadvantaged or broken families.

Once a month, a team of five ICON+ instructors will tutor ten children aged seven to twelve in Math, English and Science. While imparting knowledge is key, it is equally (if not more) important that we serve as good adult role models to our young charges and make a real impact to their lives.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre or other charities, please visit

ICON+ Social Responsibility

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